I’m reading Michael Yon’s brand new book (signed edition) and what leaped out to me on pp. 24 & 25 was this:

“Mail is more important than even hot showers or hot food. When I was in Fallujah, the mail center received about eight shipping containers every two days; three were filled with letters. People at home probably have no idea how much their little cards, letter and goodie bags boost morale. Countless walls around Iraq are wallpapered with cards and letters. Soldiers and marines especially love the cards from kids. There is nothing better over here than reading two-dozen cards from kids who can barely hold a crayon. If a kid sends a card, rest assured that card will be stuck in a wall somewhere, and it will bring a smile to many a soldiers and marine.”

You may be asking yourselves why the silly ole Princess of Positive is getting all serious? Well, because in my spare time, I am working hard for/with Soldiers’ Angels and I run the state website too. Lookie at my latest “taste of Louisiana” package that I just got together.img_3270.JPG

Oh…so you are too busy, broke, old, young…well we have a place for you! As I write this, there are 15 soldiers waiting for adoption! It is time to all chip in as Americans and offer our time and/or financial support to support our men and women in uniform! Whatever you, your family, your religious group, your classroom wants to do…we can make it happen. Contact me (985)807-4805 or gretaperry@gmail.com and you can start supporting the troops today!

As for the Michael Yon book – a MUST READ!!!

Even for me, who has “zero” interest in military history or novels, I couldn’t put it down. This is the new textbook for the War on Terror from someone who had his boots on the ground to bring us a true perspective! ~Greta Perry aka Hooah Wife, Kiss My Gumbo, Princess of Positive~

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