I chaperoned my son’s 4th grade class to Honey Island Swamp for the day. Yepper, my first time in a the Louisiana Swamplands! What a great time and education for me, I mean the kids. You see, ain’t no swamps up there in MA where I grew up. This is all brand spanking new to me. The kids answered most of “Captain Gary’s” questions while I just listened for the answers. I’ve never seen a crawfish trap, did not know the types of local vegetation, never seen that many fishing camps (I want one!), and certainly never seen anyone feed an alligator a marshmallow or hot dog on a stick. The blue herons were absolutely spectacular in flight! The weather was cool today and I reckon I may not be loving a tour like this in the heat of the summer with mosquitos – but today was perfect!img_3376.JPGimg_3351.JPG

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