*** Ya Ya, you already know (but hey – a little reminder never hurt anyone) that my live radio show debuts this Saturday (like I haven’t annoyed you with that enough every day over the past 2 weeks LOL) from 3:00-4:00 PM on WIST AM 690?!

The “Kiss My Gumbo” show promises to be family friendly, fun & fresh. The station manager told me not to expect any callers for the first few shows – please help me prove him wrong. I think the “Greater New Orleans Area” is ready for something new. What say you??? Your support is much appreciated! Call in numbers are (504)260-0690 or 1-888-880-9478 e-mail to host@wistradio.com (during the show)! I also have 3 special guests on the show – you’ll have to listen to hear who they are! I also will announce the winner from my E-Bay contest (look below).

*** Did you forget about the contest??? Remember…find the tackiest, most ridiculous &/or most useless item you can find on E-Bay? I will not include any entries after Saturday 9 AM! Already tons of competition – contest information is here! – step it up Kiss My Gumbo readers!

*** img_3394.JPG I finally scored my boat trailer license plate! YAY!!!! Seems I am going to run into just as many problems registering the boat because the lien paperwork is written differently than the boat – UGH!!!!

*** We have our first Louisiana French Quarter wedding to attend this weekend. Friday night we have the rehearsal dinner at Bacco. I’ll fill you in on the rest of the details later!

** Seems boys & men will get a little peeing privacy. Ahhhh – my tax dollars at work! What would you call a urinal divider?

*** I have a genius idea (well it sounds good to me) for all you foodies out there. Create a “recipe to go” program for grocery stroes. When I stop by the store, there will be a simple recipe (remember I am cooking challenged) with all the ingredients ready to go for me! I hate cooking, but I hate selecting a menu even more!

***Reality TV
* Rock of Love – I’m glad Bret Michaels found love with the least skankiest girl.
* American Idol – Cheering for David Cook at this house!
* The Real Housewives of NY – can you say shallow and annoying? And if Alex can buy a $3,000 dress – why can’t she get her funky teeth fixed? (I know- Reow Greta the bee-otch)
* Step It up and Dance – this show is even cooler for me now that I see my friend’s sister is a judge (Yay Nancy O’Meara).
* Top Chef – (I hate cooking but I love watching others cook) Richard or Stephanie is my prediction!

***Thank you readers – I write for you!

***Read KMG every day on both NOLA.com and my personal blog!

2 Replies to “Greta’s Jambalaya (with extra spices)”

  1. I am even more into the Real Housewives of NY than the Orange County show. At least all but one of these ladies are actually wives – compared the OC show.

    Alex bugs me the most with all her french crap. And speaking of bad teeth, can’t she do something with that wild hair? I mean, my hair is wild and wavy, but I don’t try to dress in $3000 outfits.

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