My old phone was on its’ last leg. It couldn’t make it another day – it tried to march on – it just ran out of gas. So today, I bought my dream phone – an iPhone!!! Yep – my Mother’s Day present. I told hubby I would serve him breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day!

But…will it blend? That is the question!

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4 Replies to “My early Mother’s Day present”

  1. I love mine, too. It fell out of my pocket last night into the bathtub full of bubbly water while I was bathing kiddos (OOPS!) Kept on kicking like a champ, though!

    My fave thing about it is silly though. I am a list maker- now I make my lists in the nots section of the phone and I never have to worry about where I left my list. Now if I could just get the phone to answer me when I whistle for it!

  2. Wait ’till you’re a two-iPhone family…. (E has one, too. Her Xmas present.)

    Now you have another reason to have me back on your show – talk iPhones!

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