Listen up – New Orleans and the surrounding areas – time to help me out a bit and have some fun while you are at it. My personal mission is to make a difference in this city and – by-gosh – I am going to do it by yapping and writing (my 2 favorite things)! I usually don’t ask for much – so please indulge me. I only want the names of living people who actually reside in the area (say…60 mile radius of New Orleans). I want to know who “you” think that myself and others should know about. The person who adds that extra “spice” to the greater New Orleans area. Or maybe it is the person that you would like to know more about: that person from the store, the drummer from a band, an artist, a lady who has a vegetable stand at the French Market, the town drunk who used to be a superstar, the neighbor who saved a woman’s life, your crazy Uncle Boudreaux, the person who you refer to as a “character.”

I want to interview ALL walks of life who make this city so great! Yes, I am searching for new and interesting radio guests that I can interview on my radio show on WIST AM 690 on Saturdays from 3:00-4:00. What better way to book guests for a show, than to see who my readers would like for me and others to know about?

So leave me a comment or send me an e-mail with the guest and any contact information you have for them. I think it will be so cool to capture interviews of all these character for others to enjoy. Don’t you?

This week I interview Arthur Hardy & Irma Thomas. Still taking your questions for them too!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! And THANKS ahead of time for helping me out! And if any of you figure out how I can ever make some money doing what I love to do – please let me know!!!

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2 Replies to “2008 New Orleans Character Search”

  1. off the top of my head:

    Sidney Torres of course- preferably when I’m in town so I can met him,lol! (may 28/29 and Aug 2-7)
    Mark Mullins/Craig Klein- founders of Bonerama
    Stanton Moore- drummer for galactic
    Paul Sanchez
    Chef Prudhome
    Kelly- the guy who decorates the cars on Decatur St.
    Miles the ballon guy at Jackson Square-warning hes nuts,lol!
    Oscar- the Pin guy at the French Market
    Charlotte Bass Lilly, executive director of ARNO (Animal Rescue New Orleans)
    Jamie Hayes-artist
    George Rodrigue-artist

  2. Greta, I’m crawling deep into my memory banks now, but didn’t you have a video on your site months back about a local girl who starred in a Kleenex commercial or something? What about her? She would make for an interesting human interest story, I think.

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