…responsible people! I can’t take it no more Alice! (I will not talk politics on Kiss My Gumbo 1,000 times- dang can’t help it). No no no – I ain’t talking about Mayor Nagin (still trying to book him on my radio show). I’m talking about the Mayor of Mandeville, Mayor front page of the Times-Picayune, Mayor I didn’t mean to take expensive Christmas gifts that were intended for Tiny Tim, Mayor, what barrier did I just wipe out…drum roll…. Eddie Price!

Sorry Eddie, you are the weakest link – “Good-bye!”

I would like to say that I am a fair and reasonable person…really I am! But, sometimes I have to use my blog for the purpose of spewing out my true feelings. And let’s just face it, if you have read anything about the Mayor of Mandeville in the past few months – you aren’t singing about him either. In fact, you might slump in your seat and say…”Who, what, Mayor Price…never heard of him.”

I, for one (with a few thousand behind me – hopefully) have decided that it is time for the Mayor to go. He may be your best friend, your dad, your former coach…it doesn’t matter…he has made a spectacle of himself too many times (and not in a good way).

So…by the power of my MacBook Pro…I bring you the “RECALL PETITION.” Sign away Mandeville registered voters. Our Eddie Price fun-meter has expired. Time for someone new to come in who won’t tarnish our utopia. Let’s go…let’s sing and end the pain before it gets any worse. Call this Hospice for Mayors if you will – but it is the only solution I can offer at the time. And let me tell you…if I had lived here for 2 years…I’d run for the freaking Mayor of Mandeville myself! But, don’t worry, I have a unsuspecting candidate in mind…hahem…(Jeff Crouere). But, no matter what….time for someone to end the show before it is officially over and I have to write another cliche’ saying!

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  1. They removed your blog for today from nola.com, sweetie. It was there this morning, but now . . . poof!!

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