It can’t be – no really – this has to be a joke. Wednesday CAN NOT possibly be the last day of school this year! Bad enough that I had to suffer sit through every freaking right of passage, award ceremony and class party for the past 2 weeks – now for the grand finale – Summer vacation! Let the bloodbaths & beatings begin! The mornings of “He farted, she took the remote, you are the meanest mommy in the world, it is vacation so I don’t have to do chores, I’m bored, it is too hot, he looked at me funny,” are going to become a reality this Thursday. Yeppers, yours truly, the blowing sunshine out my butt Princess of Positive will soon dive into a summer of fun in the sun with the rugmonsters! I’m sure that once vacation starts – things will be great. I just fear having them home with me 24-7 while trying to limit their TV, computer and Wii time and making them do fun things that will invade my tiny bubble of alone space that I enjoy the 5 days of week they are in school.

You know I am just playing with y’all – sort of. Summer will go by fast – as it usually does. I will spend the next 10 weeks entertaining the kids and being a mom (my full-time job that I also don’t get paid for) while drinking heavily after 12:00 5:00 each and every day. Summer vacation is about memories, growing, experiences, family bonding time (good or bad), and swimming. No school = what the kids look forward to all year. I pledge to make sure the kids have a great summer while trying to keep my sanity! School is out for Summer & we all better face it now!

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  1. Do we really need to have award ceremonies for kids at the end of the school year? I remember them, they were pointless. What are we rewarding them for? Are we really to the point where we need to covet them in false praise to “make them feel good about themselves”? It’s like this trend where nobody keeps score at a children’s sporting events so no one loses and no one feels bad. I weep for our society.

    BTW, have fun this summer :p

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