We are taking over the mainstream media…mwuhahaha!!! Yeppers – it is bloggers I am talking about here. And for those of you who don’t know what a blog is – you are reading one. You can comment on what we write (most are open for comments), we don’t have editors (which is sooo obvious from my typos and grammatical errors), we write whatever the heck we want (most are responsible), whenever we want (I am usually half asleep when I write) and most of us do it for FREE! Love us or hate us, bloggers are here to stay, because we are citizen journalists. We are you!

In a Saturday Times-Picayune article, blogs and the internet were the focus. I don’t need to remind all of you about several politicians and their shenanigans that have had a few of us outraged. The power of the internet seems to have taken everyone in Louisiana politics by surprise! Blogs, forums and the internet in general, can spread the word (good or bad) and fuel an issue in a matter of minutes. Caveats for believing everything you read – of course! Thanks for reading my blog! I LOVE my readers. I write for you!!!

Bloggers rule and Louisiana bloggers kick butt!!! For more Louisiana bloggers click here and here!

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