WOW! The Radiators are on their 30th Anniversary tour, their new CD comes out this week and all with the same original members! Like being together that long isn’t an accomplishment enough, these guys also support the troops! Yeppers, Dave Malone, the point man and singer/guitarist for the New Orleans band, The Radiators, contacted Soldiers’ Angels about making the donation (I am the LA state coordinator – so he got me). They wanted to donate 3,000 CDs (Dreaming out Loud & the Radiators) to send to our men and women serving overseas. My family picked the CDs up on Saturday and we are busy re-packing them into flat rate boxes. Next stop – the post office! BTW, as I write this, the Radiators are on their way to Key West to kick off their tour.

As to who will get these CDs…
Soldiers’ Angels recently had a request from the chaplain of a Louisiana unit who was looking for a little Louisiana love. Well, looks like they will be the recipients of a bunch of these CDs. And hey, if you want to help with some of the shipping costs, hop on over to Soldiers’ Angels Louisiana and look at the widget on the top right column. The Radiators will also be featured on the main Soldiers’ Angels site as a featured artist for their generous donation.

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