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“The pen is mightier than the sword”
~Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839 ~

I really don’t look for trouble (really)- just speak the truth. However, the NOLA.com Mandeville forums have become a playground for those who wish to hide behind secret identities and spew their opinions (I love most the people there). And of course, when you do that, you can say and do anything you want because…well…you feel safe. The Princess of Positive, yours truly, has had a few “meeting of the minds” with anonymous posters this past week. BTW – I post everything under “Kissmygumbo” and even have my e-mail under my profile. Why? Because I am the exact same person on the web as I am in real honest to goodness life. Gahhhh – there are some nasty and negative people out there. Glad I’m not one of them. LIFE IS GREAT!!! And for the record, I’m not embracing the, “you just moved here, you don’t have a say” junk I am getting from some on the forums! Here goes (typos and all):

10860.6. great post morewell
by baudelair, 7/10/08 12:59 ET
Re: No Idea by morewell08, 7/10/08
kmg is totally unaware of facts yet she wants to run a web site and radio forum. more entertainment for the undereducated masses. many of us including the mayor have been here over 30 years or more and kyg thinks she can dictate to us. go home kmg and take your little band of ignorant people with you

by Kissmygumbo, 7/10/08 13:15 ET
Re: No Idea by morewell08, 7/10/08
I do have a website & radio show (not trying to have them). I am a newcomer & taxpayer and am entitled to my opinions as are you – freedom of speech. I would not be so rude as to tell anyone to leave – this is an open forum for discussion. For the record, I’m not going anywhere.

I have always wanted my elected officials – no matter where I have lived (lived all over the US) to be responsible, fair and honest. You shouldn’t have any argument with that…but I’m sure you will find something.

by baudelair, 7/10/08 14:01 ET
Re: No Idea by morewell08, 7/10/08
Just exactly where do you live. Are you sure you are in the city limits. Probably not. In that case you are just trying to drum up business for your web site and radio show. UNETHICAL.
10894.2. I don’t understand KMG

by morewell08, 7/11/08 18:01 ET
Re: Home sweet home by Kissmygumbo, 7/11/08
How someone from MA who recently transplanted down here could possibly try to embrace our culture through substandard media outlets, endorse various businesses based on customer service (I understand customer-consumer relations leave a lot to be desired for in MA, and other areas you’ve lived), have opinions about local politicians and their records, and people to think that this is acceptable. Not to mention, you are the only person who is self-promoting among the posters here. I am appauled that you feel your opinion is worth a penny. I am equally if not more appauled at the people that embrace you and your opinions. Shall we go into the politics of your homeland? I didn’t think so.

10901. thanks for reading
by Kissmygumbo, 7/11/08 18:40 ET
morewell08 Thanks for reading my blog (which BTW costs me more to maintain than I make from it). I know that you read it to learn the little you did about me. I think you skipped the part that we have been an active duty military family until recent and I haven’t lived in MA since I was 18. We chose to live here after living all over the US – no ties – just a decent job for my husband and good schools for our children. Oh yes – and we love the South.

I was unaware this was a closed society. I apologize that I did not ask your permission before we entered. Obviously this has offended you in a hateful and hostile way and for that I truly am sorry.

This is the first time we are telling our children they never have to move again. I would think you would roll out the red carpet for them at least!

I’d be happy to meet with you for coffee – Ill even buy.

Hmmmm…maybe Bob Cerasoli, the IG shouldn’t be allowed in LA either? Did he ask your permission first?

10902. Doesn’t matter
by morewell08, 7/11/08 20:33 ET
It really doesn’t matter that you left MA when you were 18. Inevitably you’re influenced in your formative years by those who souround you. You have a northern metality, with northern abrasiveness, and not one ounce of southern charm (hince your web address). I personally embarrassed that you have attempted to embrace SELA culture with your website. I do commend your husbands military service. I will conceed to you and your family’s sacrafice with serving our great country. But I will not commend your comments or opinions on situations that you have limited knowledge and exposure to. And those who give you an ounce of business are pathetic and they’re not from ’round here. And no, you don’t need my permission to live here..but when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Thank you for the coffee offer. I’d rather campaign for my candidate(s), causes and community knowing you’re on the other side. Because I will not lose, never have, unlike those who post here..they have.

10902.1. melting pots are great!
by Kissmygumbo, 7/11/08 21:00 ET
Re: Doesn’t matter by morewell08, 7/11/08
“Yankee by birth, Southerner by choice.” And I’ve always been one to beat to my own drum, not a sheep. Actually, my other blog’s motto is, “We don’t drink the Kool Aid, we pee in it” bwahahaha!

You should lighten up morewell08, life is too short! No hard feeling about how you loathe me and my opinions and my blog. I’m so happy with my life! I wish you happiness and luck with your campaigning & life.
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  1. Shall we go into the politics of your homeland? I didn’t think so.

    What the heck does that mean??!!

    As a certified Southern born and bred belle, I think I’m fully qualified to say that Greta embraces the culture and community of New Orleans better than most people from the region, including Southerners.

    I guess morewell08 would have embraced you with open arms, if you had opened up a business that gave jobs to 100+ citizens and donated thousands of dollars to the community. He wouldn’t object to your places of origin then, now would he?

    Wonder if morewell08 told Emeril Lagasse (also born in MA) to shove off?

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