What a better world we would live in if every employee was happy, everyone loved their job, every company took pride in customer service and every person who answered a phone didn’t have to put you on hold while they talked to their supervisor. I am pretty sure that the whole supervisor thing is a big ruse. Customer service should be the #1 priority for any company that has CUSTOMERS!!! It ain’t rocket science – it is common sense! And as a consumer and the Princess of Positive, I am well aware that you get more flies with honey (not that I really want flies). Really, I’m a nice consumer…but sometimes I turn bombaloo – we all have our breaking point.

I feel like an old lady saying this (not that I have anything against old ladies), but remember the times before automated phone services? You know, when we called a business and did not hear, “Please listen carefully as our options have changed?” Does everyone have to have to say that anyways – just tell me the dang options! And remember the good ole days when you could press “O” on all phone systems and get a real person. Now we are tricked into having to sit like drones until the recorded voice gives us the secret code to get to a real live person (hopefully in the US and not reading a teleprompter).

I’m actually an easy customer. I don’t demand too much, but I do expect common sense, courtesy and ya know – good customer service.

My husband’s new joke is to ask if the person I am talking to could please transfer me to someone useful haha. We could take this further to include: could I please talk to someone who cares, takes pride in their job or who has a clue. Basically – connect me to someone who gives a s&*# LOL!

So laugh with me dear readers and share your funniest, worst, or most ridiculous customer service story. Come on – you know you have one!!!

3 Replies to “Transfer me to someone useful”

  1. OMG- I have so many ! One of the best is when the local Verizon store refused to let me in to use the kiosk TO PAY MY BILL because they had locked the door for the day. (a couple of minutes early by my watch) But there were several customers still inside and I would have been out before any of them finished.

  2. Mine problem is the menus that are voice activated. Everytime I am listening to the menu one of my kids screams near me and it selects whatever option sounds most like whatever my kids just screamed. Or it tells me, “I’m sorry your selection was not understood.” I can’t do anything but hang up and call back when the kids are sleeping!

  3. Shunga – good one. Hate when that happens!

    My bayouvieux – BWAHAHAHA that has happened so many times I can’t even count!

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