Yeppers, while you are enjoying Tales of the Cocktailtell Mr. & Mrs. Cocktail I said hi) with grown-ups, I’ll be enjoying an 8 hour drive to South Georgia. Or I guess I could reword that to say, I’ll be trapped in the car for 8 HOURS with my children while I head to a place infested with gnats and my husband’s family. Seriously, I always end up having a great time at the reunion and it is great for hubby and the kids too. Then again, I have fun doing just about anything (except domestic goddess type stuff). But…a vacation on a beach by myself and a bartender delivering me umbrella drinks sounds really good too!

We will be heading to Cotton & Thomasville, GA to be exact (wot woot). The reward after this weekend is a week in Destin. No bartender on the beach, so I’ll have to settle for a 6 pack in the cooler instead. I have big plans for myself this week – 3 books to read! Setting my goals high for sure!

Oh ya – and for gifts for relatives we haven’t seen sine we moved to Louisiana – fleur de lis crud & BEADS!!!

Be good and I’ll write again as soon as I darn well feel like it or at least have internet!