There really are 2 types of people in the world – seriously! I am going to be bold and go ahead and lump the entire world into 2 categories: those for Obama and those against him. Nahhhh…..just joking with ya. I’m serious about this one folks…drum roll……1. those people who change the toilet paper roll and 2. those people who don’t. Kind of like splitting the atom, me coming up with this is going to save tons of social research in the world. I’ve shared this stroke of genius in a blog post – with no charge to you. Sorry people whose life work has been spent trying to classify people, your work is done. Go home now – run along!

How did I come up with these classifications of people? I thought you’d never ask.

Well, I recently read an Andy Rooney piece where he talked about types of house guests. He had something to say about guests who strip the bed and puts the sheets in the laundry and those who just ask what they can do. Then I spent the last weekend with my husband’s family at their family reunion (need I say more – lol). There were about 50 people there and there tends to be a pattern regarding those who will help in the kitchen and clean up and those who don’t. I don’t think I need to tell you what I did this weekend. Yes, I busted my arse the entire weekend because ya’ll know how much I enjoy domestic duties – NOT! But, because I AM THE SAME DAMN PERSON WHO CHANGES THE TOILET PAPER ROLL!!! In other words – I’m not waiting for someone else to do it.

So tell me dear readers…do you change the toilet paper roll when it is finished or leave it for the next person?

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  1. I change it b/c 9 times out of 10 I will be the next person……Or someone will holler “MAMA!!!!!!!!!” from the bathroom and I would have to do it anyway! LOL!

  2. I replace the toilet paper roll. However, I was just home visiting and didn’t do much after a family party to clean up and also didn’t do much after a picnic at a relative’s house.

    I have to give myself credit though for doing a great deal of the setup of the family party above.

    So what does that make me?

  3. I change the roll, AND throw the empty roll in the garbage can. However, the only other adult in my house (you can figure out his gender if you really concentrate), can change the roll, but drops the empty tube on the floor ‘neath the holder.

    It used to make me crazy, but then I put it in perspective, and am glad he doesn’t just leave it empty (making a crisis for me!).

    Every time I pick up the empty roll off the floor, I say “I love that guy! I love that guy!” while I carry it the 2 feet to the trash can.

  4. I get it…I love it…I’m borrowing it!!!

    I know exactly what you mean. Its the little things that make a difference in life.

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