Yep, writing to you poolside from Destin, Florida. The beach is just across the street and if you wish to fool your senses, take a deep whiff and smell the salt water in the air! This is my first trip here and what a great place it is. Everything is here – even Ulta and an outlet Mall (shopping drool). We are here for the entire week at the Grand Caribbean. I am pretty darn sure the motel behind ours was once the primo place to be on the strip, then they built our hotel which had the ideal beach view and lastly the one on the water that blocks my freaking BEACH VIEW!!! UGH!!!! Oh well, you can’t beat stepping out onto the swimming pool deck and being able to walk across the street to the beach in 2 seconds with a stick – IDEAL!!! And when you’ve got a gang of kids (we’ve got cousins), it is perfect!

Now y’all know that The Princess of Positive always enjoys herself and hardly complains…but who dumped the freaking algae from Lake Pontchartrain in my beach water??? It is a conspiracy of some sort I tell ya! Maybe it is that evil Plankton (for all you SB fans – insert evil laugh here). It really doesn’t bother me that much if I just imagine it is real live seaweed instead of nasty algae! Oh ya and then there is the jellyfish – ewwwww. One cousin got today and thank goodness I had my Boudreaux’s Butt Paste!

Summer of Greta (Seinfeld reference) starts this week and I plan to slowly decompose! I have 2 books to finish and I may even answer my e-mails. I’ll write to ya’ll again tomorrow – if I darn well feel like it. And if anyone wants some algae in a jar for a souvenir, I’ll get ya some!

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  1. I was New Smyrna Beach a few weeks ago. We went in to the water and it was all muddy. The waves were turning over mud. It was pretty gross getting all of that mud in my hair. About the time we were leaving, the beach patrol pulled up and asked why we didn’t move down a 100 yards because the water wasn’t muddy there. We started laughing, we didn’t notice that the whole beach wasn’t like that.

    Maybe you could check and see if the conditions are the same all the way down the beach.

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