Not in panic mode, just in getting ready mode. The last time we evacuated for a hurricane was during Bertha, a couple of hours after I gave birth to my first child (12 years ago). At the time, we were stationed at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida. When a base says mandatory evacuations – you evacuate – no options.

This time I have a whole bunch more to think about and am having the, “Greta, you have way too many fuzzballs and kids to fit in one vehicle,” thoughts. Thank goodness for roof luggage carriers! A dear friend and Soldeirs’ Angel lives in Jackson and has offered to take my whole fam damily in case of evacuation. This is one offer she may soon regret.

Here is what I bought today: chainsaw oil, motor oil (our neighborhood is all trees), a tarp, batteries. water, propane, soup, charcoal, paper towels, garbage bags and an extra flashlight.

None of us have any control over the storm and can only worry about what we have control over. Chins up and a positive attitude everyone. If I leave town, I’ll be wearing my tiara while driving!

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  1. I’m sitting in Michigan still not moved to NOLA yet…but my husband is there preparing the buildings of the
    Tulane Med. School for what may come. I’m thinking of all of you and hoping for the best for all! Like Greta says….just do what you have to and be ready. Saying a prayer for NOLA!

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