* coffee
* kids off to school
* plumber coming to house
* meet friend at my house for more coffee
* get gas in car and in gas cans
* get laundry detergent
* pick up prescriptions
* light housework
* get the hurricane supplies in order at the house
* start evacuation packing
* make dinner
* be at City Hall at 6:00 to kick-off the recall petition
* make sure hubby gets kid to football practice & also gets to open house
* sleep

2 Replies to “Thursday Schedule”

  1. secure all outdoor items from blowing or move into your garage. Even plastic playhouses, grills, etc.

    Also, unplug everything in case of power surges and backup desktops computers or take the cpu with you.

    clean out any unnecessary items from freezer or fridge in case of extended power outages. Less cleanup!

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