Working on the outside now and it is a bit toasty out! Getting the car ready, the garage situated so we can bring all the patio stuff inside it and/or maybe a car. Husband just went to the dump to unload the trailer full of tree branches that would soon be all over the neighborhood!

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  1. OMG, CNN just mentioned that they’re about to institute contraflow. I hope that you’re out by now!

    I have literally played volleyball with my stationary car serving as the “net” on a major Interstate during a contraflow evacuation. No really, pre-hurricane the weather is usually fabulous. At the time we had no idea why we were leaving, we just knew that they said “go” and a few days away seemed fab. A mini holiday, if you like. Okay, that was before Florida “grew up” due to Andrew but since then, I either leave early or shelter in place. (If you choose to shelter in place people don’t whine later when it’s apparent that you chose poorly.)

    :: rant off :: That was brief, does it qualify as a rant? Or well intentioned advice from a hurricane veteran? Either way…

    Still praying for you!

  2. Hurry up and leave Greta! You don’t want to be in contraflow. I’m sure you have heard the horror stories. I left yesterday and am an hour west of Jackson, so if we are here a while, we can meet up for a visit! ( Maybe in Vicksburg.)

    Good luck and be safe!!!!

  3. Clarifying. I HAVE sheltered in place. Once post hurricane I spent 10 days without electricity and can’t remember the days with out water (a lot).No, nothing like Katrina or Andrew.

    Not unsympathetic to those who shelter in place (usually my choice). Just sayin’ if someone chooses to do it after a mandatory or voluntary evacuation order they have NO REASON TO WHINE. The were warned.

    Janette :: Jeepers, I come off like a heartless b*tch. ::

  4. Greta,
    I’m still praying that this hurricane either misses New Orleans or just gives you some strong winds & rain! I know the rebuilding is not even close to finished so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all residents.
    Be safe

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