I don’t usually listen to my hubby, why should I start now? Mr. Engineer and I ass-u-me, “dabbling meteorologist” can be added to his resume now, has a little graph going and he has the storm going far due West. He refuses to leave until Sunday when he knows if we should absolutely have to go. Logical but yet, making me crazy. Our fear in this house is the amount of trees surrounding us. So today, we will secure everything outside and I will head to the Lakefront Gazebo to collect signatures for the recall. Then I will come back and pack up the car and be ready to go either later today or very early tomorrow morning. Everything is almost completely packed and storm-proofed and I have my last minute list.

On the list today…beer and cash!

One Reply to “To leave or not to leave?”

  1. It’s got to be an engineering thing.

    Very little traffic if you leave very early in the morning. Mom is already up here with me and they are saying (for now) MS should just get tropical storm force winds.

    Be safe and take care.

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