***My neighbor has a stump grinding business, call him quick as he is going to get very busy . Kevin Dean (985)966-8416 and he can also put you in touch with tree cutters as well..

***The French Market is open, the grocery stores in Mandeville & the pharmacies.

***So sorry to report that several houses in my subdivision had trees go through their roofs. I had one land, but no damage. Scary to notice many trees around the house really leaning. We aren’t going to completely unpack as you never know about the storms following.

***We are working hard cleaning the lawn and the pool is looking pretty good right now too.

***This from Kevin Davis, St. Tammany Parish President regarding Hurricane Gustav

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 Noon

I awoke this morning to find that St. Tammany Parish was left off of the Emergency Declaration list from FEMA. This is not acceptable.

I have spoken with Governor Jindal who is meeting with President Bush. I have been assured that this was a technical error and that it will be corrected today.

I am following this closely and will get back with you as soon as I know more.


***St Tammany Parish Schools to re-open September 8th.

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  1. Hi Greta,
    I have been anxiously reading your updates everyday and thinking about you. Glad to hear you are all ok and that your house was mainly spared. Take care!!!

  2. Been tracking you to make sure you were ok. Glad to hear that you and yours made it through the storm. My AuntyWayaConniePerson and my MamaGina & PapaJoe and their kin made it through ok too. Power lost, but I believe that was the worst of it. Thank goodness for cell phones, it allowed me to keep in touch with them and make sure they were doing alright. Blog on Greta!

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