No house damage, the pets are only slightly traumatized and everything is canceled for a week – just a life interrupted with some minor inconveniences. My biggest concern, is that if there is another storm coming, people won’t leave. Evacuating is an expensive proposition!

We had a wonderful time during our evacuation. I know that sounds strange but my Milblog & fellow Soldiers’ Angels friend, Stacy and her husband Marcus were the most amazing hosts. I finally got to meet her son Michael for a few minutes as he got deployed to the Gulf Coast during the storm. When I was moving here, Stacy told me that she would take my whole family, pets too, if we ever needed to evacuate. We finally took her up on it.

My only complaint during the evacuation was ATT wireless. Text messaging worked great, but only every few calls went through. I’ll be writing to customer service later today.

We did have one tree fall on our house as during Katrina and NO DAMAGE!!! Talk about lucky. I would have taken the neighbor’s tree on our house in exchange for theirs. It is their 3rd tree through their roof in 3 years! Hubby is already looking at all our trees and thinking they all need to come down. I just hope if anyone takes down a tree, they plant one in exchange for it.

I ignored the dust for a week before the storm and guess what…it is still there! Darn it! Now I guess I have to face it!

I’ll write later!

3 Replies to “Life Interrupted”

  1. Ya’ll were wonderful guest Greta. It was a wonderful visit with you all. Maybe before long all the animals will be able to get along and all be in the same room together. That might be a little much for the Bull Frog though. He is still sitting just outside my bedroom door for some reason. Guess he is looking for strange animals still.

  2. Greta, we too have lots of trees around the house. The problem is, even if you take on the massive expense of having them all cut down (which by the way is one of the reasons we are all here in the first place) you still have neighboring trees to worry about. I have pines to eiither side and behind me that are tall enough to hit my house if they fall. So the problem remains!

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