Not here to debate Presidential candidates with you. But I have to tell you, I was blown away with Sarah Palin at the RNC the other night. Then I had my Sarah Palin moment, when I thought to myself, “Damn Greta, you are 40 yo mom with 3 kids who stayed home for 12 years to raise your kids. She is Mom too, but a bunch smarter, with 5 kids and is running for VP fercryingoutloud.” Then I thought, “I wouldn’t trade my life with hers or anyone else’s for that matter, because we all have different paths.” Kind of like when you tell your kids they are special for being different, because if everyone was the same, the world would be boring! I think there is only enough room for one Sarah Palin in the world and one Princess of Positive (yours truly).

Gotta go order my McCain/Palin sign now:-)

3 Replies to “My Sarah Palin moment”

  1. You know Greta I am not one to really discuss politics, the arguements drive me crazy, but this lady ROCKS, I was so pleased with her performance and charisma. She was eloquent and delivered one hell on a speech. And I agree, I would not want to have her job as VP (Plus I’m just a working professional, can’t even begin to think of children, that’s why I’m an aunt too so many), but I know that she will do a great job, and you are the queen of positive, but you could really shake things up in DC. ok 2 things where in the hell is spell check and where can I get my McCain/Palin sign??? hugs and kisses

  2. Refreshing to read your Palin comments. Almost all the NOLA Blogs drive hard left. I to am impressed with Gov. Palin, however I was “really” impressed with McCain’s speech. I’ve not paid much attention to him, being a Rudy man, but I will make it my biz to get to know him much better before Nov. Very impressive, and his Cindy has an awesome record of Service to others. Quite the contrast between this ticket & the one on the left. Mrs.

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