Yours truly will be heading to Vegas on Friday morning. Yippee. I’m going there to represent Soldiers’ Angels at the 3rd Milblog conference. This year the conference is combined with the Blogworld Expo. Blog and internet geek heaven if you ask me.

The good thing about this conference is it will energize me to write even more. I’ll get to play with and see all the newest technology gadgets and gizmos, which has me panting already. But even more important, is getting to see my Milblog friends who I have known on-line for 4 years now. From soldiers who blog while stationed overseas to military supporters to military wives like me, this is the group of people who I have deep-rooted connections with. I am particularly excited to finally meet JP Borda, an internet friend for 4 years now and the webmaster of has been unable to attend the previous conferences due to deployments. Also looking forward to finally meeting Dave Mastio, owner of Blognetnews.He is kind of my boss as I work for him as the editor for both Louisiana and New Orleans (I get to keep my blog on the top for doing this).

I have so much more I need to do today to get ready for this trip. It is sooooo much work to leave your family for a weekend. Of course, any time I have gone away, I have to expect that I WILL PAY for it on Monday. The house magically gets trashed over the weekend! UGH!!!!

I may start with a Bloody Mary on the plane and I look forward to a most fabulous weekend. I’ll be wired during the weekend (d’uh), like everyone there will. So stay tuned as I might actually share something cool and exciting with you!!! So what do you think – would you watch Vlogs (video blogs)?

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