I can’t say that Vegas is my favorite place in the world. I’ve been here a bunch BC (before children for you slow people). We were stationed in Sacramento and used to hop down for the weekend to gamble (93-95), hubby would golf and maybe take in a show. Now granted, coming for the Milblog Conference was exciting and getting to attend the Blog World Expo, was icing on the cake. Oh ya – and I pimped myself and Soldiers’ Angels all weekend! Go Greta – shameless self-promotion girl!

I got to see some old friends and meet some new ones like Toby Nunn. Because when you are an internet geek, like me, you have “real” internet friends that when you finally have face time with – it is just like you have been hanging out with them your whole life. This is especially when it comes to Milbloggers – the camaraderie is just so natural. So natural, that your truly, never thought that she would find herself comfortably surrounded by her friends in the Penthouse Club.

Long story short, but the boys from Blackfive (a must read Milblog) hosted a party for us there. Apparently Matt from Blackfive has been writing for Penthouse (I am pretty sure people read Penthouse for the articles) and this party idea was spawned and yippee – open bar. It all began with the bus ride – nothing screams “have a good time” better than stepping on the “Rock and Roll” bus from the Sahara with animal print seats and stripper poles. That was just the warm-up. We got there and I saw more PFDs cleavage than I have seen in a while. The booby mural had me green with envy all night (I’m sure it was airbrushed & she didn’t nurse children).

Actually, all the girls (Pets I think is the appropriate title) there were very sweet and I think each guest visited the stripper pole at least once during the evening (my pictures will probably surface some day – LOL). The problem of going out for a wild night with a bunch of bloggers is that this party and the pictures that go with it will be blogged over and over (scroll down Blackfive)! As for the VIP room – I may have to become religious after stepping in there for a bit – and I’m not a prude!!!

I got a ton out of this conference and you’ll be seeing tons of new bells and whistles on my blogs (I have several ya know). Hopefully some of them will help me make money to support this addiction turned sort-of career called blogging.

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