***Yes, I have socks on my bicycle handlebars…so what? Well…I have to admit it looks really silly. Of course there is a reason for it – my stinkin’ latex allergies. If you have any good ideas for new handlebar covers – I’d love to hear them. Until then – it is crazy socks!!

***L’Shana Tova to all my people. Break out the apples and honey for another Rosh Hashanah. I won’t be heading to synagogue this year because my eyebrows will catch on fire if I walk in. I know – bad Jew Greta. This year – we will eat apples and honey and blow my son’s trumpet to celebrate.

***Who is the freaking moron who invented the children’s craft kit I tackled today? Ages 7-97 my ass! I ended up doing the whole darn thing while Princess Whinalot watched on.

***Chulo the Stupor Dog is looking much thinner these days and so is his Mom. He is walking a mile every day and on some way expensive special diet. I cut out Diet Coke and am walking him and jogging 3 days a week. Oh – and if you want to get into a “get fit” challenge” click here.

***If I ruled the world – EVERYONE would have their name tattooed on their forehead. Wouldn’t that make the world a better place?

***Not too late to buy tickets to Mary Payton’s fundraiser this week. I’ve already got the babysitter for Friday night. Hope to see you there!

***Thank you so much for visiting my blog. KMG readers are the best! Now tell all your friends to read too.

***I’ll have my podcast up some time on Monday. My Saturday radio show was great.

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2 Replies to “Greta’s Jambalaya”

  1. Think you might have started a new fad – bike handle socks. This could lead to the start of a new business, like you don’t have enough to do. You can still go to synagogue. The trumpet will make a good stand-in for the shofar. Happy New Year to my precious daughter & family. Like the bike sock idea.
    Love, Mom

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