We know, we know, money is tight. But here are some of the reasons you can justify the expenses for hiring This Mess is a House (confidential – we promise):

* You give lousy gifts to teachers, co-workers and friends and want to start giving good ones.

* You have more than one late bill a year because you are unorganized.

* You spend productive hours searching for something you need.

* You are stressed over your clutter.

* You buy duplicates of an item because you can’t find it.

* Your significant other is annoyed by your clutter.

* We are cheaper than a therapist.

* Your children are developing bad organizing habits too.

* For as little as $100 you can get your house organized – or at least we can make a dent (tack on extra if we have to travel South the Lake).

3 Replies to “Justifying the expense of a Professional Organizer”

  1. Greta !

    Help!!! Why do you live so far away. Talk about clutter. My house is a disaster. Have to start with a room today. It is so difficult to know where to begin, when everything is a mess. You have uncluttered on your visits. That probably is the only thing thing making it possible to still find your dad, let alone anything else.
    Clutter is horrible. When you can’t find something, it is easier to just go buy another. It also seems to always be there in your mind. You are worth every penny (hope it is more than a penny) that you earn with your business.
    Love, Mom (Dad is somewhere here, I think)

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