This week my radio show moves to a new time – Saturdays from 9:00-10:00 AM Central. Wist AM 690. This is great for me as maybe I can get a regular audience. The 3:00 time slot sucked and I was interrupted by Tulane or the Zephyrs every other week. Anyhoo, wanted to give you a heads up on my guest this week and give you time to read his book and check out his website and PBS documentary on-line: Toby Nunn’s website, blog and link to the documentary Bad Voodoo (you can watch some on-line). Fair warning, the first edition, which is currently available, has some typos in it. Hey – you can read this blog and all my typos – you can certainly hang with a good book that has a few:)

My review of the book:
“The book reads as though Toby is talking to me and I am sharing his experiences with him. It was simply riveting going through his trails and tribulations while he was boots on the ground in Iraq. As the first to start the training mission of the Iraqi Soldiers, the experience and cultural obstacles Toby had are shared with the reader so well. A recommended read for anyone who wants to experience being in Iraq without having to leave the comfort of their own home.”

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  1. You can change the time as much as you like but, your radio show is terrible. I can’t believe they cancelled Lorin Gaudin, who is a pro, entertaining and informative, and put you in her place. What a joke!

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