No – I didn’t write about it (Helena & Dollar Bill) yesterday – so shoot me. Unless you are in a bubble, you must realize that the whole world is looking at us, laughing and pointing at us like the kid with the booger on his nose or even worse, the state that tolerates criminals in public office. Please don’t tell me that you have become numb regarding this. Who the hell would vote for a criminal who can not do anything because nobody trusts him? Answer – people in Louisiana? WTH everyone – Dollar Biil can’t serve your best interests because he has been shunned by his constituents in Congress. News flash – nobody trusts him! If you are in the district to vote for Helena Moreno – start campaigning. Heck – even I am her friend on Facebook. White , black, purple, green -it doesn’t matter – she is the only candidate out of the 2 that is not a criminal!!! If you haven’t been involved in politics before – now is the time to contact Helena’s campaign office and see what you can do. Heck – here is the number 504.858.1068 and the website

As for Eddie Price, the Mayor of my city, Mandeville – OY! People were crucifying John Snell with the shame on you for DWI yesterday – as they should. He could have hit your vehicle and killed you or your children. But this is the trickle down theory folks – the guy on the top gets a pass, now everyone else should. That means your teenager who is out driving thinks, “Heck, the Mayor of my town can drink and drive – it really isn’t a big deal (where is MADD).” Wrong – it is a big deal!!!! Now help get the big guy “Eddie” out of office with me and show New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana that Mandeville isn’t made up of a bunch of pansy-ass Wonder Bread white folks who tolerate criminal/unacceptable behavior from their elected official.

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  1. Oh when I saw that I was stunned and embarrased to live in an area filled with such people – both corrupt politicians and those that vote them back in!

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