FORWARDAHOLICS – Seek treatment now!

Who the hell in their right mind is still forwarding junk mail? Oh ya – about 10 people that are lucky I haven’t banned them from my life. I usually send a nice e-mail that says “Due to the volume of NECESSARY e-mail, I ask that you please forward you precious e-mails to about 1,000 more people other than me that give a care!” I can also usually stop someone from their forwarding habit with one trip to Snopes – that trick works like a charm! And for the love of God – NEVER forward me anything where you don’t use a freaking BCC and somehow I get roped into a stupid conversation with a bunch of people I could care less about! Bad enough that I have won every freaking lottery in the world or that all I have to do is give my bank account to someone in Saudi and I will be a bazillionaire – but these are people that I know somehow in real or internet life! UGH!

I’ve decided these people fall into special categories:

1. Those that forward one maybe every 6 months and it is usually pretty good.
2. Those that only forward jewels! A rare breed.
3. Those who feel the need to share every piece of garbage they read.
4. Those who think I care about what they are sending me for some strange reason.
5. Those who need to get a life as I have much more productive things to do like Twitter & Facebook.
6. Those who are thinking they are making a difference by sharing crap – and half of it isn’t true.
7. Those who recently discovered teh internets.
8. Those who fall into multiple categories.

The Princess of Positive and hater of Forwarded e-mails has spoken!

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