Where we shop is part of who we are. You can usually find me at Rouse’s doing the “hurry up Greta you need to feed you family tonight” shopping. Then there is the monthly trip to the store that gives me heartburn and a headache as I drive into the parking lot. Yes, I am talking about “The Wal-Marts” (as my parents call it). Winn-Dixie – on a rare occasion – like a meat sale or for their cookie cake. Sam’s Club – well, I do love the place – but I spend WAAAAY too much money there buying things I could probably live without. I avoid Sam’s like the plague these days.

My new favorite place to shop in Mandeville is The French Market. Besides the fact that I can practically spit there from my house (I know – nasty expression), everything about this place is great. It brings back fond memories of the farm stand my Mom would take us to in Brockton, MA. Same food you could find elsewhere, but somehow it always tasted better. Buying produce there was always a treat and that is how I feel about this place. They have great seafood, prepared food, beautifully displayed produce, necessary items you ran out of (like bread) and pumpkins (the patch on the West side of the store is owned by them). Trust me, once you step foot in there and see how nice it is now – you’ll be sold. Bonus – they also make great Po Boys and now have a buffet with seats!

If only they would come to my house and prepare dinner each night. Will I ever enjoy cooking? Survey says…hell no! But I’m a Mom of 3, so I must do the deed! Grrrr….

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3 Replies to “Where You Shop”

  1. I liked French Market waaayyy better BEFORE the remodel – they cut their shelf space in half since then.

    I personally enjoy hitting the farmers market on saturday mornings (the real one in Covington).

  2. S I love the Farmer’s Market too. Try French Market again as they have remodeled – again – and let me know what you think.

  3. We are moving to New Orleans East and would just love any grocery store near by! It’s a chicken and egg situation there…but I believe, “if you build it they will come”!

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