So my candidate lost – I’ll get over it. I think John McCain was the better man for the job and he aligned more with my beliefs and and values than Barack Obama. But, Obama inspired a nation to vote this year, he ran a remarkable campaign and he won. Am I upset? Sure, but I know that Obama will surround himself with some good and solid people and hopefully things will get better for this Country. Every American is hoping for the best from here on forward, me included. The Princess of Positive wants everyone to think positive thoughts now. “It is what it is,” there is nothing you or I can do to change the situation, the people have spoken and life is wonderful. We are blessed to live in the best Country in the world and I thank and owe so much to the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for us. Please remember that there is a still a war going on and step up and do your part as an American and support to help those who serve. Hooah America!

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6 Replies to “The Princess of Positive – the day after”

  1. I am ok with him being black. I am ok with him being a dem. I am NOT ok with him having the ultimate security clearance now. Scares me and makes my stomach turn.

  2. Well it wasn’t close at all so obviously the American public has spoken. Now if he could just do away with the war(s) and fix the economy….of course I don’t expect it to be done over night.

    And I do think a lot of people are overlooking the historical significance of him being black. Our country has come so far…

  3. No denying the historical significance of him being black. Makes me proud of our country. And I disagree with you that people are overlooking that. I might even argue that this significance may have been what actually got him elected rather than his experience. And that is ok. I actually teared up this morning when Condi spoke about what this means to her.

    I did see that in his acceptance speech he noted that change won’t happen in one year, or two years or maybe not even in four years. I hope his supporters are prepared for that. And if we are “tested” as Biden says we will be if he is elected and we don’t retaliate then that is a damn shame. There are times when war is necessary.

  4. “We are blessed to live in the best Country in the world and I thank and owe so much to the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for us.”

    hooah greta. awesome post.

  5. Greta, you truly ARE the Princess of Positive. And I applaud your maturity at not being a sore loser and at your show of support for the bigger picture than whether “your guy” won–the betterment of America and the unity of her people. Bravo for your attitude and your patriotism.

  6. Yes, Greta, your tiara shines brightly today. I have no doubt you and your family will be just as safe and secure under the new administration as the old. If there is one thing Obama has proven is an ability to choose people more experienced than himself and listen to their advice and guidance in maintaining a very focused campaign. Thank you for not making assumptions that we are somehow doomed before things get off the ground.

    I had no plans to leave the country if McCain was elected. I believed that McCain the president would be a better man than McCain the campaigner.

    It is informed trust, and not blind faith, that I put in Obama now. If he breaches that trust, or proves himself incompetent, I’ll be the first to admit it and be screaming for his head as well.

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