Thursday is going to be a very busy day as I leave New Orleans at 7AM and arrive in Baltimore at 10:30. I have a Soldiers’ Angels meeting at 2:00 and the Gala at night. My new gown is very beautious (very Audrey Hepburn) and I can’t wait to wear it surrounded by so many great heroes that will be attneding. Friday we are doing a big get-together with fellow milbloggers and angels. Then Saturday is the picnic at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, sponsored by Soldiers’ Angels.

I’ll write when I can. In the meantime…tell me what you personally do to support the troops or how you think you may help them in the future. Hooah!

I love my readers – they are the best:)

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3 Replies to “Off to DC”

  1. I retired in Sept. of 2004 as the Deputy Public Affairs Officer at Walter Reed. I lost count of how many media, both print and electronic, I escorted to interview our Wounded Warriors. And no matter the injury, slight or serious, I never heard a negative comment from these young troops. How could you be down if they weren’t down? They made me so proud of them. They always had a positive attitude and sense of humor about it all. One young troop lost his right arm above the elbow. When the reported asked him if he was left handed he replied, “I am now!” Gotta love it.

  2. Greta,
    I belong to an association of bothers and sisters in arms who ride motorcycles and who are dedicated to “veterans helping veterans”. On the national level we support the Fisher House, here in Louisiana we have supported the Veterans home in Jennnings, this year we are proud to provide our resources to the Wounded Warrior Project at Ft. Polk. Ours is the largest chapter in the nation and quite a number of our members are active duty. We do not recruit and membership is limited to those who have put their lives on the line for our country. Our oldest member is 94 and our youngest still can’t buy a beer legally. Thank you for you support and for your family’s servce.

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