The Princess of Positive really does see the light at the end of the construction tunnel. However, living in the middle of mega-construction every day can even make me a little crabby. This construction is driving me up a freaking wall. For my sanity, I am requesting the the City of Mandeville and Boh Brothers Construction send a daily detailed map to my inbox of the routes that will be available for the day with times and diagrams!

Chulo the Stupor Dog went to the groomers this morning (which is so close I could spit on it). But, with all the construction, there is no way we would risk the walk. My usual subdivision exit is blocked, so we take exit B which is lined with cones that I carefully navigate through (though tempted to play Pac Man with them). Next comes a stop light that should now be named “The corner of mystery.” The navigation on this corner changes every few seconds. On the way to the groomers, there was a Sheriff directing traffic there and before I dare take a sharp right, I made sure to get the “Yes, at this very moment you may take this turn” nod. Next, was the “U Turn of Confusion.” Will it be open…nobody knows until you drive up and take it. Phew – today it was open. Riding half on the paved road and half on the unpaved, hesitant Chulo (I have to drag him into the car) and his confused Mom pulled into the groomers.

After dropping the pissed off dog, the mystery of how to get home overwhelmed me. I tried the left first, but then after almost getting to the turn, “a magical sign” that said “Road Closed” appeared. Turn around, drive down the road, take some illegal turn in a business parking lot, drive half up on the paved road, passed the Sheriff and into the entrance on my road that was closed on the way to the groomer.

When I picked him up a few hours later – everything was different. And don’t get me started about driving at night – MASS CONFUSION!!!

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  1. What a great read. I needed to LOL.

    I was just on the nightmare (aka highway) yesterday evening (at dusk) and risked my life and sanity whilst avoiding spewing tar/asphalt from the machine like the one in Cars. Had to instruct my daughter to hold on while we ascended the multi-leveled road. Lord only knows where one is to drive on said road these days. You’ve got to be extra careful.

    Thanks for sharing. And good luck in your travel.

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