Well it still looks like Christmas threw up in my living room. Mainly because nobody wants to finish decorating until we are all together and when is that going to happen again? Geesh. Anyhoo, a few things that I am doing that may help or make your life a little less stress free. And no, I am not stress free but trying like hell to stay ahead a bit! Oh and if you need some organizing help before Christmas, we still have a few openings.

1. Start a 3 ring binder for Christmas cards. I have been doing this for years. I track cards that come in and who I send them to each year.

2. Go buy stamps and get those cards out!!

3. Organize Christmas decorations as you take them out. Most people have too many bins of stuff and need to condense. You are allowed to get rid of them – you do not need them ALL!!!

4. Finish shopping as soon as possible as keep extra gifts on hand for those, “I knew you would be thinking of me and here is what I have for you” pile.

5. Start a yard sale area. I have a designated area in my attic for yard sale items. If you will realistically never have a yard sale, load it in the car and donate it!

6. Finalize your holiday plans now.

7. Make sure you have a master calendar from now through Mardi Gras. It is all going to be one big blur and will cause undue stress otherwise.

8. Make any appointments for doctors, household repairs – NOW!!!

9. Buy baking items.

10. Smile!!!!

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