Last night was hubby’s Christmas party for work. We had it at Austin’s Restaurant in Metairie. The food was spectacular. It was a 5 course meal with: fried eggplant in marinara sauce, duck and sausage gumbo (I passed on this), a lovely salad, trout almondine (fantabulous) or steak and bread pudding. After dinner, we got down and dirty playing “Dirty Santa” with a twist. The rules were printed out for all to see and some people got pieces of paper that said, “you must steal #4’s gift, you have to keep it” etc… and the last rule said “no whining.” We went first and got a “zester,” which by now you all know is useless to this undomestic diva with a cooking disability. Nobody took it from us, but as far as “zesters” go, it is a nice one (lol). I personally love a “true” white elephant, where you must bring something from your house and ornament exchanges are fun too.

Since many of you will be going to these, I thought I’d give you a list of some of the gifts there last night within the $15-$20 price range and gag gifts were allowed:
Christmas movies (I gave Elf & A Christmas Story), Alcohol sets like Amaretto or Gray Goose with shot glasses, a bottle of wine and a chocolate bar, a mini cooler with a leg of lamb in it, coffee and a travel mug from Starbucks, Gift Certificate from Victoria Secret, stupid slippers (gags), Christmas CD, home decorating items, stupid home decorating items (gags). I can’t think of any more at the moment (not enough coffee yet), but that list should get you started if you need to go buy a gift for one. Oh ya, and the waiters got to pick who they thought got the worst prizes and we won and ended up with a $20 gift certificate to Subway.

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  1. I went to a true white elephant exchange a few weeks ago and I got a great brightly colored ornament ball wreath like they sell at Target. The giver bought it for herself on clearance last year and when she went to decorate it didn’t fit in with her christmas decor so I got it instead! Yeah for me!

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