If you don’t have an iPhone you either:
1. are stuck in some contract with another company
2. have to use the crackberry given to you by work
3. are scared of them
4. are still waiting for your current phone to die
5. are Amish

I bought mine about 6 weeks before the 3G came out because my other phone died. When I see the 3G, drool comes out of my mouth!!!

Sooooo…what is on your iPhone? I have: Twitterfon & Twitterific (had to get this because Twitterfon was broken), flashlight, Plaxo mobile, Facebook, I purchased a kick-ass to do list from Concrete for $1.99, nearby, checkers, shelfari, brightkite, irecorder (my kids like it), Zannel, & Myspace

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One Reply to “What’s on your iPhone”

  1. I have way too many to list. My favorite is Loopt. It is the GPS tracker. It is awesome. Shazam is another one that is great. It will listen to a song and tell you the name and who the singer is.

    I can’t live without my iphone…

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