img_0172Happy Birthday wishes go out to the most wonderful man in the world, my Dad. My kids call him Zaydeh, which is the Jewish term (he still speaks some Yidddish) for Grandfather (za-dee). At 5’4″ (5 5E shoes), he has always had the biggest presence on this planet (at least to me). Everyone knows and is drawn to Sherm the moment he walks in a room. His warm friendly smile and outgoing personality mixed with his love of bad jokes (that he will share with anyone), makes his presence memorable. Dad spent his whole life taking care of others. He successfully provided for his family with his gift of music mixed with his his business sense and amazing work ethics. Everyone who was anyone in the Boston area, went to an event where he was playing. Everyone loves Sherm!!! Please join me in wishing him a very wonderful birthday in the comment section! Of course, my Mom will have to force him to look at the computer to read this, but he will. img_0169

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  1. Happy 80th Birthday Zaydeh! You sure turned out a great daughter in Greta. I hope you have a wonderful day. God Bless you! 🙂

    Lori Martin,

  2. Happy Birthday! You are a lucky man! You have reached the impressive age of 80. You have a beautiful daughter and rambunctious grandchildren (at least from what your daughter says). AND you have a wife who cares enough to make you look at birthday wishes from strangers on the computer!

    Many happy returns.

  3. Happy, happy birthday Sherm!! It seems like yesterday you were playing at my Bat Mitzvah. Wishing you and Janet health and happiness.


  4. Happy Birthday Sherm! Sherm stories were some of my favorites when Greta and I were roomies in West Chester PA.

  5. Happy 80th birthday Sherm … and many more!

    Greta is a friend of mine, who I treasure! She is one of the most talented, colorful people I know, and she’s been a lot of help to me in promoting my business. Among other things, she decorates my counter tops with useful and funny one-page writings for our customers to enjoy and learn from. This could be part of a great income-earner for her. She’s awesome! She credits many of her wonderful character traits to your influence. You can be proud!

    Enjoy your day!

  6. Happy 80th Sherm! What a wonderful milestone! From Gretta’s description you remind me of my Dad! He will be in NOLA from mid January to March so if you are around I’d love for the two of you to meet and swap stories! He has a few years on you – turning 89 in January.

    Keep on rockin Mr. Sherm!

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