I am so disgusted with how “over the top” Christmas has become. Buhleeve me – my house is ridiculous as well. Today, my kids are passing out their gifts to all their teachers and bus drivers. Instead of buying them something, this year I purchased a Christmas “Wrapped in Holiday” care package in honor of each of them (you can still do this). They are each getting the printable gift certificate from Soldiers’ Angels and I fixed them up nicely with cardstock behind them.

***On Wednesday I headed to hell I mean Sam’s Club to stock up on enough stuff to feed my 5 and the 5 coming over the break. On the way out, the lady who checks the receipts, an angel was working. About 5 months ago, when I was leaving the store, I noticed her collection of angel pins on her Sam’s smock. I gave her my Soldiers’ Angels pin and card. She told me how special that was and that she supports the troops. There she was again, proudly wearing her pin. I commented on it and she was so happy to see me. She misplaced my card and had so many compliments on it and had people wanting to get in touch with me. Of course, I gladly handed her another card and told her that I thanked her for being an angel.

*Today I head to the Southeast Louisiana War Veterans Home to deliver goodies from lots of local angels. I’ll share pictures later. I even put up on the NOLA.com message board that I was heading there and would take any donations – more angels turned up again!!

* Tomorrow I pick up Christmas gifts out together by a service group out of Slidell. They adopted a military family for Christmas. So excited that I will be able to deliver all the gifts to the family tomorrow.

Angels truly have the Christmas spirit!!! Thank you to all the angels out there. Wingtip to wingtip we all can make a difference!

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  1. I totally lost my pin. My 5 yr old wanted wear it because he thought it was cool. Well, you know what happened after that.

    Hope you are well.

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