I’ve been here almost 2 years now and last night was my first experience at a Brennan’s family restaurant (pathetic huh?). Hubby has done the circuit with his work and I smile and say, “Glad you had a good time, it was a joy staying home with the kids (dripping sarcasm).” My very own radio station advertises Dickie Brennan’s Steak House, does remote shows from there and I had yet to taste a morsel from them…until last night.

If you know me, food does not really excite me. If you told me I had to eat salad, PB&J, yogurt, and baked potatoes for the rest of my life – I wouldn’t blink an eye. However, since I moved to the New Orleans area, dining out has taken on a whole new meaning. It isn’t just a matter of bringing the family to Chili’s because I burned something in the kitchen (par for the course), it is to experience dining.

Last night we had the pleasure of dining with Gasper & Denise Chifici. We decided on Dickie Brennan’s Palace Cafe’, because Denise and I had never dined there. The service was white glove phenomenal, the atmosphere perfect as we watched the street cars pass by, looked at the lamp posts wrapped in garland and got our eyes full of some interesting local character with our Canal Street view… and the food…to die for!!!

Oysters Pan Roast (I’m allergic but it looked delish)
Louisiana oysters poached in rosemary cream with herb breadcrumbs, served in a roasting skillet 8-

Crab Claws Bordelaise (out of this world- could have made a meal from it with a piece of bread)
Blue crab claws with garlic, lemon and Creole seasoning 9-

Bleu Cheese Salad (I had this minus the prosciutto- yum)
Gorgonzola with late summer greens, crispy prosciutto, candied pecans, honey-dijon vinaigrette and cornbread croutons 8-

Turtle Soup (Gasper loved)
Enriched with fresh lemon and lots of sherry 7-

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo (hubby & Denise loved)
Rotisserie chicken, local andouille and file 6.50-

Honey Glazed Duck Pan-roasted, (Gasper was blown away with the presentation and was equally impressed when he tasted it)
dry-aged duck served with a Creole sweet potato salad, Napa cabbage and pancetta slaw with a smoked black pepper & honey lacquer 19-
Gulf Fish Pecan Pecan (I wished I didn’t have to make room for dessert or I would have cleared my plate- Mahi Mahi) -crusted with Creole meunière sauce, spiced pecans, popcorn rice and vegetable du jour 18-

Andouille Crusted Fish (flounder that Denise and Brett loved)
Pan-roasted and served with Crystal buerre-blanc, chive aïoli, rissole potatoes and vegetable du jour 18-

Dessert: img_0261
There was no way I was going to miss trying their famous “white chocolate bread pudding” and it did not disappoint! This was not – I repeat NOT – anything like bread pudding that started with Wonder Bread! We all shared this dessert and a piece of pecan pie.

Nobody braved the Emu on the reveillon menu, though we certainly talked about it. Thanks to Gaspar and Denise for my “angel ornament” (how did they ever decide on that I’ll never know)

Yep – I’ll be back – even if just for dessert! They have a cookbook too – though yours truly would not even attempt to cook the rice from it (yes – I am that kitchen challenged).

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  1. Thank you so much for the nice review! I’m going to share this with our staff. So glad you had a wonderful experience!


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