The Twelfth Night kicked off Carnival Season! Here is a good timeline of Carnival here. I got the Mardi Gras calendar full and suggest that if you live in LA, you get yours mapped out too! Balls, parties, events – before we blink an eye it will be here. Now to pull out all the loose beads left in my attic and get the kids working organizing them in groups of 12. And if you want to help give a Louisiana soldier a good Mardi Gras, click here for all the details!

What are your plans this year?

What parades are on your “must see” list?

One Reply to “It’s here…”

  1. I have no freaking idea how to “do” Mardi Gras! Where do you park, where are bathrooms, how soon do you stake out your spot, where are the best spots, can I bring my 89 yr. old Dad to the parades? My questions go on and on! Help a Mardi Gras virgin…please!

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