No, I ain’t no freaking Ms. Manners or a stinkin’ Emily Post – but this matter really gets my goat!

Bcc = Blind carbon copy = each person receiving the e-mail will not have access to the emails of every person you sent the e-mail. This will avoid idle e-mail chatter being sent to everyone by the person who replies “reply all” about attending the sports practice. This will also help protect all the e-mails of the people you sent your e-mail to from being “harvested” by people looking for e-mails to plug their business.

Example: I am putting on a huge keg party at your house (sounds way better than my house) and inviting about 50 people. I send out the invite and put all the addresses in the address line. Joe Schmo clicks “reply all” and asks what he should bring and everyone now sees it. Jane Smith has a great newsletter and is always collecting addresses, she now has 49 more to add to her stupid e-blast that you will one day wake up and be subscribed too. Then there is Bob 6 pack who works in the phishing business and makes money by selling addresses. He just made $ off my sweet invite.

Am I making any sense here? Teachers, coaches, group leaders, council members who send out e-blasts – please use BCC!!! The only reason not to use BCC is if the parties involved NEED to see who else has been sent that e-mail.

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  1. That is an awesome point! You are very right and one should always try to be as mindful as possible. Makes you wonder if things like this even cross minds!


    “The Etiquette Princess”

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