OMG – it is almost time for my radio show again. Saturday 9-10 AM central AM 690 WIST Radio. I’ll be talking fitness, wellness and find out all about this life and wellness coaching buzz with Nolan Ferraro of Salire Fitness. The second half hour, Bob Calvert who runs Talking with Heroes Radio will be a guest. He has been an embedded journalist in Iraq, interviewed tons of heroes and has lots to share.

This has been one of my craziest weeks ever! I almost hurt my arm raising the bon-bons from my lap to my mouth – LOL!!! So you really want to know what I do (since I am unable to answer that question when asked)? Well, here is a little summary of my life this week – and if you don’t want to read it – leave now – go on – run along and come back for my next fun and exciting post. Remember, my blog is also my free therapy:) I drugged myself for 5 days with a migraine and it ended up with a once every 5 year trip to the chiropractor. I was desperate enough to cough up the cash! Sure enough, I had 100% vision out my left eye by the time I left his office – phew! My radio station has had some changes and I have to live by my tagline “Princess of Positive” and am convinced it will work out for the best (anyone want to buy some air time?). The kids clogged a toilet and flooded the bathroom – twice! My just patched twice tire is flat again – UGH! I picked up a huge shipment of donated coffee today that needs to get to the Reserve Veteran’s home in all my spare time. Also on the home stretch for Science and Social Studies fair – time to get those display boards done – oh joy! I had some Organizing work and left thrilled with the results – need more work dammit- hire us!!! I tried for world domination but the kids came home from school and messed up my plans. I failed miserably in domestic goddess bliss – where is my imaginary maid? I cooked something that resembled food every night this week!!! Oh, and I scored a little part time job doing computer stuff for a few hours a week and already started. Dang – this sounds like a Christmas letter. Anyhoo…just bringing you up to speed with your hostess:)

And in case you missed it – Operation Overseas Mardi Gras is going on!!!

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  1. Wow!
    Sounds like you should have left home for the week. The kids are taking over while you are falling apart.
    Sorry about that horrible migraine. Glad you didn’t wait any longer to take care of yourself in that department. You could take to bed, & let the kids take care of you.
    Love you,

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