Who am I kidding…I am still a newbie – LOL. This will only be my 3rd Mardi Gras.


Parking is an absolute PITA for parades – if you don’t plan well. Check on the the website of the parade you are going to attend or NOLA.com for the parade route and find out the information on street closures and times. Chances are, you will have to hoof it some. Many parades are also followed by a second parade or preceded by a parade, so check that day’s schedule completely before venturing out in your car. If you have a person with you who can’t walk long distances, plan even further ahead and drop them at a location with a chair and then meet them back there. Bring some cash to pay to park too! If you are going to New Orleans to view a parade, seek streetcar or cab options as well and park at a distance. Remember, everyone will want to leave when you leave too. Be Clark W. Grwisold and park the furthest away, then you can be the first to leave:) And if you are new to this, you won’t be alone waiting for a parade to start!

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  1. Thanks!  This clinches it….when we bring my Dad I’m renting a wheel chair for him!  I’m going to tell him to bring his WWII hat to wear and I’ll make a sign “WWII 89 yr. old Vet….Throw me somthin’ Mista!  Think that will help us score some good stuff?

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