Yes, I have strong political opinions.

Yes, I think everyone is entitled to have their own opinion.

Yes, I completely respect someone’s unique political opinions.

No, I do not think debating politics with someone is likely to ever change their mind.

No, I do not completely fit into one political party’s mold.

All that being said, I had an interesting dinner with some serious politicos last night (not all of the same persuasion either). As alcohol began to flow, some of the discussions became quite heated. I did not drink last night and stand by the philosophies I listed above. You would not have all believed it (close your jaws), but I was probably the quietest one at the table!!! I guess the keyboard is mightier than my mouth sometimes. But the greatest thing about this group of people was that everyone left as friends. This particular group of people seem to have a track record of dinners like this! Maybe next time I will bing my laptop and start posting a blog entry at the table! BWAHAHA!

2 Replies to “Politics Shmolitics”

  1. Sounds like my kind of people Greta!! I went to Olive Garden for ladies’ night last Wednesday and one sentence about Obama made everyone cringe and call a halt to anything “politics” being discussed. Arghhh…

    So, me and my inquisitive self just couldn’t resist asking, “But didn’t you say you vote?” To which some replied, “Yes, of course.” Confused expression and all, I proceeded to ask, “I’m being sincere when I ask this because I’m genuinely baffled how it is that so many of you can “not be into politics’…yet are confident enough to cast a vote for someone whom you’ve failed to vet because you’re “just not into’ taking the time to do all the tedious things like researching voting records and the platforms each candidate espouses? I mean, isn’t it better to refrain from voting rather than to cast an uninformed vote?”

    Thank God it was all family and they love me unconditionally b/c I think I may have struck a nerve when pointing out the harsh truth about them possibly being one of the biggest threats to our liberties— the uniformed voters who don’t have enough sense to stay home and leave the voting to those who do care enough to at least research the issues.

    And why pray tell do people have to “fight” when discussing politics? Can’t we be adults and RATIONALLY discuss the issues? Having to have the last word I ended our ever so brief topic of politics with, “Well, I think it’s a darn shame people can’t talk about politics… because that’s EXACTLY what these idiots in govt are banking on. Keeping their sheeple in the dark!”

    LOL (well, not really funny at the time) :)~

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