UPDATE: podcast is up

Tune in Saturday Morning 9-10 AM 690 WIST for New Orleans and Gulf Coast residents and live on your computer here for everyone else.

Please consider Atmosphere Movers, my new show sponsors, for all your moving needs in and out of the greater New Orleans area!

My first guest is Cesar Guerra, a New Orleans native, LSU graduate, former pharmaceutical sales representative and author of Pill Pushers. We’ll talk about the real scoop on the pharmaceutical industry and what you need to know or should think about. The book can be purchased locally at the Garden District Book Shop.

The second half of the show will feature a wonderful and most fabulous artist, Don Stewart. He’s the same artist who drew the mask on my blog header (notice the lips for kiss and the angel wings for Soldiers’ Angels).

basketballshoe We will also be speaking to Barry Guillot, a former Army Sergeant and now full-time teacher. Don and Barry are working on an exciting project together!!!!

I am looking for additional sponsors for my radio show. I have advertising packages that will please even those with tight budgets! gretaperry@gmail.com

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  1. Why anyone in their right mind would want to sponsor your radio show is beyond me. I’ve listened and you are terrible on the radio. I can’t believe you’re still on. What kind of huge ego must you have to think that your opinions matter to anyone? The only show worse than yours is the show on after, The Straight Pour. Talk about a waste of 2 hours. No wonder WIST has no ratings. I’d rather hear the 40s music than listen to you ramble on about nothing.

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