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My first guest is Country Singer Ricky Lee. He is doing great work promoting his love of Country by his songs, perfroming for the troops and his work with homeless Veterans. I met and saw Ricky perform in DC at the Gala I attended recently and knew he would make a wonderful radio guest!

The second guest will be The Public Relations Officer, Kacey Hill, from the National World War II Museum. She has tons of info and exciting things to share with us!

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3 Replies to “Saturday’s Radio Show”

  1. I loved my tour of the National WWII Museum! The best part was that there are actual WWII veterans there as guides.

    As I came in I was greeted by the veteran who was volunteering that day. He offered some suggestions as to the best approach to seeing everything. I had already observed a woman and two teens being greeted in the same manner. I also observed their blank (and in the case of the teens – disinterested) stares.

    As you can imagine, when I started to respond to my greeter with knowledgable comments……I made his day! He actually accompanied me for a while and we had a wonderful conversation.

    It was one of the highlights of a really great trip.

  2. My Dad is here with us until March and our first stop with him was a visit to the WW2 Museum. He was so impressed with the whole thing as was I. He got quite emotional during his tour – it really brought back so many memories for him. He’s 89 and I’m so glad he was able to see it all and feel the appreciation of a greatful nation. One woman even stopped him and thanked him for his service which was wonderful. It’s a “Must See” place in NO for sure!

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