Saturday was just an all around crazy day for me. Since this is my soapbox, I’m going to fill you in with everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask…

Every morning I wake up and skim my gazillion Google readers for Soldiers’ Angels news. When I find information printed or written about us, I share it, comment or post it on Facebook or the blogs. There are a few of us that do this so we don’t miss anything. The night before, a wonderful article about one of Soldiers’ Angels’ own participating in a Superbowl golf tournament that was benefiting Soldiers’ Angels was getting spread like wildfire, so I figured I may break my routine for the day- this is where I possibly went wrong…

Son #2 was headed for his Weebelo hike with hubby so I headed to the radio station, armed with son #1 and Princess Whinalot. I prepared everything the night before, even laying out Princess’s clothes so there would be no “issues” in the morning. So as she was deciding that she absolutely could not wear the outfit laid out (of course), I decided to check my mail. Grrrrrr…. this is when I find out that my website is down. The show must go on so we head to the studio (different outfit and all) and a broken website.

When I got to the studio, I checked my site and saw that it was still down. I stuck son #1 on the phone with my hosting company’s customer service in India and went on air. My first interview went pretty good and then my second guest did not show up! I have NEVER been unprepared for the show. I usually come armed with tons of stuff, but for once I was confident that my hour would be jam-packed – WRONG!!! It may be a while before I stop beating myself up for this half hour of being unprepared – but my lesson was learned. After the show, the kids and I headed to the French Market and poked around for a bit – then off to Harahan to pack boxes with a Rotary Club for Operation Overseas Mardi Gras. Now a woman knows when she does not look her best and I was just having one of those days. Not only were we going to pack boxes, but WWL was coming to interview me about the project. It made it on the 6 and 10 news and boy I looked like crap – but for a good cause – so I’ll get over it!

When I finally returned home, it was back to dealing with website issues. More time on the phone with the hosting company and my good friend Tammy who does all my website stuff. I was panicked that the news story would come on and that the site might be corrupt. An hour later or so – it was restored and I could breathe again! Tammy always calms me down in these situations – she is amazing.

I fielded several phone calls and e-mails about the Mardi Gras effort and figured the rest could wait until tomorrow.

This is when I committed myself to do something I never do – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! I did not pick up any messes, did not tackle any laundry, did not run to the grocery store, but I sat my dead-ass on the couch for the entire evening. I watched Mad Money, The United States of Tara and The Devil Wears Prada. Of course, there was a little computer work in between but for the most part I relaxed.

Now I am ready to face my Sunday after I write this post. I feel rested and have a full-plate of work up until the Superbowl party we will be attending. LIFE IS WONDERFUL & I can look back on yesterday and laugh….

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