img_0061 Yes, these are shoes I just purchased last week – they are so hot (fashion=pain)!!!!

Alternative titles for this post that I considered were:
“Fabulous at 40”
“Dammit I will look better in a swimsuit than I have the past 14 years”
“It is never too late to feel and look better”
“40 is so much better than 30”

Welcoming Jennifer Aniston into the 40’s club this week. Little does she know that this is the coolest club in town! 40 is the new 30 or even 20! Wrinkles add character and if you haven’t had your female parts removed yet – I highly recommend it (after 6 weeks of hell). January of 2008 I had a hysterectomy and what can I say – but I started eating and feeling much better after it and exercising more. I’m 17 pounds lighter and my 10 year old baby weight is finally gone (yes ladies – you get 10 years to lose it – it is a rule).

If anyone would like to donate to my necessary wardrobe makeover – I have a Paypal account ( – my clothes are falling off me. No – I’m not doing it unhealthy – but a good lifestyle change and lots of running (thank Dr. Groves for the cortisone shot in my foot). This is it folks – the 30’s, 20’s and teens behind. No regrets, nothing I would change from the past. The Princess of Positive is ready for world domination and I’ll be 41 soon! Woot woot – and the crowd goes wild.

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