I admit it – I lack any instincts when it comes to people – and I’m a people person – I LOVE PEOPLE. I’ve written about my “inability” to judge people in the past, but this week a few things caught me off guard with my absence of these skills. As I get older, have more and more human interactions, you would think something would kick in? Hello….McFly…God skipped you on the ability to judge other human beings and to judge how others think about you.

My husband has that gut, and is very quick to size a person up, make a general judgment and proceed with caution. Yes, and after I realize that this or that person was no good to hang out with – I get the, “I never liked her or him.” Me – d’uh -you are wonderful – I love everyone – I think you are great – you could do no wrong and as far as I know – you think I’m OK too (unless you directly tell me otherwise). Maybe this is not a bad thing after all?

My friend stopped over today and it was a relief to hear that I’m not the only person in the world that recognizes this flaw as she is the same way. Phew – I’m not alone!

Seriously – I love my happy bubble -it is a wonderful place. This is how I am programmed to be and maybe that is why I am such a happy person? And I am telling all of you right now – if you feel strongly one way or another about me – I most likely can’t read you – sorry.

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2 Replies to “Reading people”

  1. I can relate to some extent. In general, I tend to be a good judge of character of men. For example, despite his political views being virtually identical to mine (and he has the votes to prove it); when he was elected to the Senate in 2004, I had an intuitive feeling that he would ultimately be trouble and ultimately hurt our cause by associating our philosophy with philandering, with prostitutes no less. Was that a run-on sentence? Oh well. It doesn’t matter anyway.

  2. Oops, I accidentally hit send too soon…

    The second part of the above diatribe is that (at least judging by my record), I have absolutely zero ability to make accurate assessments of character in women within any given timeframe.

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