I’m really digging this all talk radio thing even more since I’m no longer going the all guest/interview route on my radio show anymore. Good or bad, my weekly show has become my obsession – UGH!!! I do have a lot to say and know a little about a bunch (master of none – LOL). Now I find myself searching for hot topics that will draw my internet listeners as well as local listeners in for an hour. This week I’m taking on the topic of “Freedom of Speech.” This is where you come in, any local or national links that catch your attention, any questions or comments you think are worthy of discussion…I want to hear from you. After all, I have to zone in a little tighter on this topic or the show would be out of control with everyone calling in and saying what they want. But then again, I would be allowing callers to exercise their freedom of speech.

As a social media dork, it is all about interaction throughout the week from blog readers and fellow Facebook (Greta Perry) and Twitterers (@kissmygumbo) to make the show perfect! So speak up!!!!
funny pictures
funny pictures
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2 Replies to “Freedom of speech”

  1. The Obama administrations attempts at stifling free speech are alarming at best, treasonous at worst. This guy is a monster who appears set on destroying everything that makes America the greatest society on earth.

  2. Thank you. The left is attempting to strip away from my gun rights..the founding fathers knew that an unarmed populace is mere fodder for a tyrannical leadership and the only way for the innocent people is to be armed. And NOW they are attempting to strip away the most basic of my rights…FREE SPEECH….when is this nightmare going to end? and worse yet how is it going to end??

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