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2 Replies to “Vlogging again”

  1. Input:
    How about the example of how a man of color told John Osterland that he was a racist and should be lynched because he disagreed with Barack Obama. John certainly couldn’t have said that to the man of color. He would be booted off the radio!

    Talk from your heart. Ask your kids about free speech and share their responses on the radio.

  2. So what’s your point? One idiot labels a man to be a racist and it becomes a First Amendment issue? That’s your beef, that if the man were white that he would be booted off the air?

    Well you’re wrong. Rush is still on the air… Imus is back to being Imus… Savage offends on a daily basis and he’s still on the air. The people who get bounced are usually expendable because they don’t bring in the $$$.

    But that’s beside the point… As much as they drop those, “Views of the host are solely theirs and not that of blah, blah, blah…” disclaimers, a TV or radio host IS a representative of that network/station. As such, if a CORPORATION decides that it’s in it’s best interest to drop a host or any part of it’s broadcast team due to language that they find inappropriate, it is NOT necessarily a First Amendment issue.

    I can never understand the, “Well if one of us said that we’d get _____” argument. Why not take it that in BOTH cases it would inappropriate and either:

    1) Move on and stop listening to the host/guest.
    2) Exercise YOUR rights and stage some sort of protest.

    I mean, if I write/call Pepsi and tell them that I will no longer purchase their products because they advertise during a particular hosts program that you’re fond of, then there’s nothing stopping you from calling Pepsi and telling them that you plan on increasing your support because you admire their conviction in continuing to support the host. And here’s where it can get cool… Pepsi could then call the station and say that it’s going to pull all of it’s advertising if the station releases the host based on his views…

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